WTL? (Willing To Learn)

Well, are you? Willing to learn? Oh, yeah, that was an incomplete sentence. So, sue me.

OK, so this page is supposed to tell you what I’m all about. “They” usually suggest the title “ABOUT.”  If I were offering a product, maybe that would be the way to go. But I’m really just here to put in my two cents about this messed up world we inhabit and ask for your ten cents worth in return.

You don’t need to know much about me. I’m a writer with an effin’ degree–a BA in Communications because back in the day, that was the play. That degree? It’s useless. You need a college degree to qualify as an admissions clerk these days. So in some ways, that piece of paper is totally over-rated. Get it anyway. And any way you can. It looks good on the resume. I also detest resumes. They are equally useless but that’s what today’s archaic, out-of-touch employers want. Hmm, wonder how we got that word DE-TEST? Un-tested? Wonder what that has to do with not liking it. Have to look it up.

So here’s the 411. I am a former news anchor and reporter. I researched and wrote my own copy.  They have interns for that now and that’s why you’ll see on a “crawl” (that scrolling copy at the bottom of your TV screen) erroneous wording such as  “To close too call…”  (I hope you “get” the reason that is wrong.)  Also, there is no reason to add the word “why” after the word “reason” in a sentence such as “The reason (why) I say that is because…”  More about why later.

I taught a graduate level course in Advertising Creativity at San Francisco State. I launched a multi-million dollar marketing campaign with my partner-in-rhyme and made a lot of money for other people.  Today, I write songs, print copy, jingles in foreign languages, poetry, novels, scripts. Love these. I proofread. Like. I do business and marketing plans too. Yuk, but pays the bills.

Lu'au home bocha

BUT I assure you, I’m not a total grammar snob. I just want to HELP stop the dumbing down of America. Will SOMEONE–preferably hundreds of you–please join me in recognizing that we are headed in a downward spiral when it comes to information and mis-information. If you are only watching news but not listening to it or READING about it; if you’re stuck on one channel or spend most of your time watching reality shows and don’t realize they are as far from reality as you can get. you’re not getting the whole story or the real truth.

Good news: ignorance can be cured. Bad news: stupidity–not so much. So, can’t we at least try to elevate the ignorant to the WTL–the willing-to-learn.

Education is a word and a concept that  has been over-used as the  end-all-be-all to solving world problems. It isn’t. But it’s a start. A formal education, that is, in a so-called school of higher learning, does not necessarily make you smart. In fact, some people are “educated” far beyond their intelligence. I can cite several examples but I would rather have you dig deep to find out about the colleges and universities that some of our politicians have attended. Too many of these congressional leaders went to respected universities but bastardize the English language. In short, they don’t know SH*T, especially about the 98% and common human needs.

Now, if you’ve read this far, you’re obviously willing to learn. So I promise that my website (www.claireifications.com) and the blogs here on claireifyblog.com will NOT be solely comprised of tips for strengthening your grammar skills. (BORING) We’ll talk about “stuff” (yeah, that’s right–stuff, as in George Carlin’s “Stuff)  that are a lot more fun to talk about–music and movies and moonlight, celebs, comics and comedy,  up-and-comers, fun and funny things people say and do, science factoids, the laws of attraction–and all that jazz.  (a great movie, BTW)

Why such a broad spectrum? Why won’t I zero in on one subject or topic? Because that’s tunnel vision. That’s limiting. That’s fodder for ignorance. That’s not what an extensive “education” is about. A little of everything is much more fun than too much of one thing. Try it.

Word Crimes link below Must See!


Fun and funny from Weird Al  What's "anapostrphe"
Fun and funny from Weird Al     What’s “anapostrphe”

Give me a chance to help you “Get Smart” (a semi-cool TV series BTW)  because I’m selfish that way. By helping you, I also help myself. You can never get enough information. Right now, you’re only using ten percent of your brain. Can’t wait to see the movie “LUCY.”  Scarlet is making knives stick in the ceiling with a wave of her hand.  See, I’m not such a buzz-kill after all.

But before I end this diatribe, a few words (not mine) to consider:

Education has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading. –GM Trevelyan  (British historian February 16, 1876 – July 21, 1962 (Aquarius)

In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards. Mark Twain  (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) November 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910 (Sagittarius)

It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.– R G Ingersoll  August 11, 1833 – July 21, 1899 (Leo)

Please leave as many replies and opinions as you like , either below in the reply box or at www.claireifications.com But, cuidado! If you spell it right, then you will spell it wrong.



Love you, love your show!



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