Ever notice that some things we do in the name of justice, lead to unwittingly doing injustice to others?

It happens. Mostly because we don’t think through a scenario. We just hear about a new outrageous statement or event and click! It’s a way to cast a vote for humanity.

What Could Go Wrong? 

Physics 101. Newton’s Third Law.  “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  It was amazing to observe the perimeter aspects of that Third Law at work when the “Delete Uber” meme permeated social media channels in early February.  It was something “we the people” could do to make our voices heard, especially since 90% of Congress doesn’t seem to listen to us.

We just wanted the attention of the owners of Uber. We wanted justice for Americans who want to live in a safe, peaceful, caring, just and honest society where lives are respected and civility is exercised. We’d like to enjoy a true and structured democracy with checks and balances to over-ride egregious errors in judgment and ensure no one is above the law. That’s all. Continue reading