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7 Mar


Xhosa begins with a click

Howzit, my information-loving peeps.  So that I don’t keep you hanging, let me explain the headline, Xhosa Me.  You know I love words, languages and cultures. I hate politics but must stay informed to stay one step ahead of the shenanigans going on in our capital.  Ugh.

Xhosa is a Nguni Bantu tonal language with click consonants.  It’s one of the languages of South Africa, home of legendary musician, Hugh Masakela and songstress, United Nations goodwill ambassador, and civil-rights activist, Miriam Makeba. If you’ve not heard of either, check always-reliable  Wikipedia. (And drop in a dollar donation if you can to keep them alive.)



Just enough Xhosa in Black Panther to be intriguing

Xhosa is the language used in the epic film Black Panther , a must-see for men, women and children of all ages and from all backgrounds. No, no, the film is in English but certain scenes carry subtitles when the old kings of Wakanda speak Xhosa.  My new website  is the reason I’m posting this shortest piece ever. LOL. You can learn more at the site  https://claireliocd.com/

My apologies for  neglecting to inform you earlier. I know you’ll like it. It’s a place for curious people like you and me.  The content you see now, changes this Sunday, so check it out.

My OCD means something different

I mean no disrespect to those who are battling OCD. With deference to you who are OCD in the traditional sense, I changed my acronym to mean “Obsessive Creative Dimension” because of my obsession with words. Hope that sits well with everyone. Just so you know, I really am obsessive compulsive about words and grammar but I take complete pleasure in my obsession and hope you do too.

Second time around– even better

I  just went back for a second “screening” of the film and the cinematography in Wakanda  brought back memories of living in Hawaii for 17 years. I am really thinking I need to figure out a way for me and my hush-band  to get back there and live out the rest of our time in tranquility.  In any case, please see the film if you haven’t already. And then I suggest seeing it a second time. It moves at warp speed. You cannot take your eyes off the screen or you will miss something.

I try to change content on the site to keep it current so run, don’t walk to claireliocd.com and check it out before I switch it out on Sunday.

Laurie Lehner’s political parody is ROFLMAO

This coming Sunday, March 11,  I’ll feature singer and actress, Laurie Lehner doing a very appropriate parody of the whole Mueiller vs Trump affair.  Laurie’s  kind of a big deal and perhaps prophetic since she cut this piece at least a few months ago.

Yes, I will have to devote some space to the Academy Awards, and regrettably, I’ll  have to drag in some Kelly Ann and John Kelly updates. Oh, and the newest debacle on the Hill is Sam Nunberg.  Holy merde. What is up with that poor guy? He is off his meds.

Also, I’ll update you with some of the best words and non-words I’ve heard so far this year. And a few excerpts from Hawaii’s best seller foh-evahs Pidgin to da Max. 

Don’t forget to subscribe to the site because as popularity builds, I want to offer some free learning tools. If anyone knows Will.I.am, I’d like to hook up with him and his obsession for the “new hustle” putting more tech into “inner-city” schools. Wait until you see King T’Challa’s sister, Shuri and her STEM environment. She is the Black Panther’s “M” from tJames Bond films.   And as usual, comments and questions are welcome. The comment form is right there.  (see it below?) And tell a friend.


Peace IN!


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