Silence Breakers Vs. Pedophiles and Predators

6 Dec

The Silence Breakers
Person(s) of the Year

The Silence Breakers Speak

Time Magazine has released its traditional Person of the Year cover. The winner is The Silence Breakers of the Me Too Movement. These are women, and some men,  representing millions who have been disrespected by sexual advances and at worst, sexually assaulted and traumatized by rapists, pedophiles and predators. That’s probably 100% of women over the age of 18 today.

I recognize and applaud the intent behind the “movement” but I cannot support the path it’s taking. It’s a serious issue that is turning into a  travesty like an unbalanced charade. It almost feels like a popularity contest.

I know I can be a word snob but  “me too” sounds very juvenile for such an intense and adult subject.  I’m also looking past the obvious. Why now?  Democrats have turned on one of their own as if to say “See, we have values. We have Franken and despite his excellent work, we’re giving him up. You have Moore and you’re allowing him to stay. We’re better than you.”

It all seems so well plotted. It’s a week from the Alabama election that could put accused pedophile, Roy Moore, in the Senate. Sexual offenders like Moore,  Weinstein, and Donald Trump have been conveniently placed on the sidelines. while Franken is forced out.

Off With Their Little Heads

 Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is one of 24 Democrats calling for Franken”s resignation. Who is asking  the same of Trump? Franken was thinking with his little head. Just like Conyers and Matt Lauer and Louis CK and hundreds more. It’s ihard to win the war on testosterone.

“I think when we start having to talk about the differences between sexual assault and sexual harassment and unwanted groping,” says Gillibrand, “you are having the wrong conversation….You need to draw a line in the sand and say none of it is O.K.  None of it is acceptable.”

I agree that none of it is acceptable. But is it smart to throw the likes of  Harvey Testosterone Weinstein,  Roy Pedophile Moore, and  Donald “I can’t help myself” Trump, into a pool with groper Al Franken?

Moore, Trump and Weinstein are despicable, perverted scum, not even worthy of the  frothy film of refuse that floats to the top of sewer water. They are pedophiles, predators and pimps. Take a close look at this rogue’s gallery and you’ll notice that the one thing they do have in common is that none of them is very attractive.

Men Behaving Very Very Badly, Believe Me

Men who have been accused of touching women in untouchable places, are animals who don’t stop to think about their reprehensible, nefarious and disrespectful deeds. The BBC and US versions of the sitcom Men Behaving Badly  are not even close to the bad behavior we’re hearing about. But do all of these men deserve the same public shaming? Have we examined the multiple domino effects and fallouts of this retro  J’accuse?

We’ll see.

Why does Donald Trump, the worst and most powerful offender of them all, who thinks it’s okay to grab women by the female genitals, remain in the highest political office in the world while Al Franken is pressed to resign. Why has the spotlight been turned away from President Donald Trump and his buddy Roy?

Call me a non-supportive bitch,  but I am not unsympathetic.  I am just uneasy about where this is going. This is not new behavior. I have been there.  In the sixties, I worked in an environment where the women walked around with reminder weapons like rolled up card stock paper as a warning to known perps. We had to say “F**k off” more than a few times a day.

So Now What?

Talk to your sons. They need to understand the importance of treating women with respect. Talk to your daughters. Women who never had the “talk” with their mothers or female mentors, are programmed for pain. Girls who have not been schooled in basic Men 101 are vulnerable to attack. Women who are easily flattered and looking for approval, may have low confidence and freeze when they are trapped.

While everyone wants to smoke out the serial predators and rapists, there is a risk that the net may be cast too far.

The mid-level offenders should answer to their misdeeds but public humiliation only serves to satisfy the revengeful part of our psyche. Why not ask these predators to donate to an organization or a cause that promotes civility and awareness? How about contributing to the next round of Women’s Marches across the country?  How can we  create something to help women who have been hurt? Something that will  prevent young women and innocent girls from being hurt in the future? A Mr. Manners School for Men perhaps? Karate training for women of all ages?




I encourage everyone to read the Time Magazine article to gain a full perspective.

Today’s men are confused now about what is proper.  Even TIME writes “This uncertainty can be corrosive. While everyone wants to smoke out the serial predators and rapists, there is a risk that the net may be cast too far. What happens when someone who makes a sexist joke, winds up lumped into the same bucket as a boss who gropes an employee? Neither should be encouraged, nor should they be equated. ”

I hope this “movement” does not come back to haunt us. I hope we are not unwittingly turning the clock back fifty years to a time when no one would listen to women or believe us when we reported offensive behavior.

And I wonder if some of those who have sentenced others,  have  skeletons of their own in their sexual closets. We’ll see.

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