19 Jun



FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?” How many times have you seen this tiresome phrase? It’s especially irritating when you just changed the password for a particular site within the past week, and carefully made a note of it in a secret place.

Hell to the no. I did not forget my password.  Enough with the insults from merchants and other internet service providers who ican’t come up with some alternative language.

OMG Why do I have to have so many passwords?

I keep a typed list of passwords  just to be sure, and a copy, AND I and update it every single time a provider requests that I change it.  I also use “Last Pass” to keep track of changes. I’m pretty sure I did not FORGET my password.

I may not always be sure of  a password since it’s been changed five times in the past year.  “Would you like to change your password?” might be more diplomatic but  the answer is no.


Let’s get real. YOU, the merchant want me to change my password for any one of the following  reasons:

  1. Your job is to get people to change their passwords–why, I do not know. You have a goofy, paranoid, or anal-retentive boss.
  2. You need job security and suggested because of the imminent danger of a hack, people should change their passwords at random.
  3. Your company had a breach and they don’t want your customer base to know it because it’s bad PR and some of your private isht has been compromised.
  4. Your system has lost the records of passwords and it’s YOU,  the vendor/service provider who can’t find it, so put the blame on the customer.

How about some honesty here? I’m looking forward to seeing these in the future when YOU, the merchant have a problem.

  1. Due to heightened security in an uncertain cyber-world, we require a password change for security purposes every 60 days for your and our protection. Please change your password now.
  2. Oops, our bad; we can’t find a match with that password. Can you change it using these easy steps.
  3. OK, somebody hacked us. We don’t want your info to be compromised, so please change your password now.
  4. OK, one of our IT guys is overworked. We admit he made a mistake that requires us to change all passwords in our system. Please do it now. Just click here.
  5. Our promise to you: if we force you to change your password more than three times in the next six months, we will issue you a $25 VISA card for your time and trouble.

Just ask us to make the change and tell us why, instead of implying  that the user “forgot.”


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