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Things are weird and getting more weird. #Manymanypeople are calling it the Toxic Trump Syndrome, synonymous with greed, intimidation, insensitivity, perversion  and narcissism. Trump seems confused and depressed and indecisive. He doesn’t seem very excited about his new duties and he makes strange, contradictory and mindless statements.
The Toxic Trump Syndrome is the topic of every street corner conversation. And right now is not a good time for him.  The planet Mercury may be getting in the way of his humanitarian nature. Sounds crazy but stay with me.

The weirdness that seems to be in the air could be–in part–the effect of Mercury over the next two weeks. That argument you just had with your partner–what the heck was that all about? How did it even begin? You can barely remember.

And what about your best friend’s tummy tuck surgery? What could go wrong? It did.  Oh, here’s a big problem. Your WIFI keeps dropping off the grid or switching you to an unsecured network.. You can’t get your favorite sports station on the BOSE. Funny, it always came in crystal clear until now. You feel like you’re losing your mind.

Blame it on Mercury. Everybody else does. That cute little planet closest to the sun is playing mind games.

I know, I know, astrology is not a science and it may be entertaining but it’s far from reliable. Most would argue it is pure nonsense. But astrology was an academic undertaking until the 17th century, used in alchemy, meteorology, and even medicine. It was actually a precursor to astronomy. Then, legend has it one astrologer crossed the line and predicted the end of the world. He lost a lot of cred and so did the scholarly concepts of astrology.

I’ve been studying astrology for several decades and I’d say—just my opinion– any link between planetary performance and earthly events are 80% happenstance, but what about that 20%? Any police officer or charge nurse at an ER will tell you things get hectic on their turf during a full moon. Scientists agree that the moon does affect the tides. You have to wonder if some small degree of the moon’s gravitational pull, tugs at humans, considering our bodies are made up of 50-75 percent water.

When Mercury goes retrograde three or four times a year (we’re into it right now through May 3, 2017) everyone seems to go ballistic.  Computers, cell phones, cars and other electronic devices are especially vulnerable to Mercury in a retrograde period.  My main computer started opening with black and white lines across the screen about three weeks ago. I recognized that sign immediately and started the backup process but never finished. It died yesterday.

Among other things, Mercury rules moving parts and if you think about the last few days, communication is a hot mess. Ever listen to Sean Spicer, the White House  press secretary who can’t seem to communicate clearly? That may not be a good example.  Mercury’s effects may not apply to Spicer; his inability to communicate clearly is just a Spicer trait.

Let’s start with a few things you need to know about this planet.

  1. It’s a fast mover. But when it’s going retrograde, it’s not actually going backward. Mercury is closest to the sun so it has an orbit much shorter than earth’s. So, three or four times a year, it appears to reverse its movement. Veteran astrologer, Susan Miller explains it this way:

“If you were in a car and another car passed you, you know it’s going faster than you are. But if it slowed down and you then passed it, it would appear that that car was actually going backward. Then when the other car speeds up and passes you again, it kicks up all of the dust in the road. As Mercury speeds by, it is like a train flying past, creating a powerful, turbulent gust of “wind” in its wake. The turbulence and disruption Mercury creates when it retrogrades can affect what we feel on Earth in our everyday lives.

Courtesy of John-Mark Smith and Pexels
  1. Mercury rules or oversees all forms of communication, including contracts, agreements, wills, leases, deeds, trade and commerce, electronics, and computer codes.
  1. Everything may look and feel the same when this little planet is taking a nap but the real challenges are just around the bend. You just don’t see them yet. A classic case would be a job interview you had on March 25. You get a callback and an offer on April 3, 2017. You start the job on April 12, 2017. You report to work and almost immediately, policies and procedures change. Cost-cutting, change in title, big change in duties, secrets revealed about your predecessor. If you had only known! Moral of the story. Be careful about accepting a job when Mercury is retrograde. If it’s a new venture, try to stall. If it’s something that started months before and you are returning to it, that’s a different story. (Ask Susan more about this. It’s complicated.)
  1. Mercury retrograde is about being cautious where new ventures and adventures are concerned. People, places or things you know well or have had previous and positive dealings with, usually are not affected. So a trip to a new city to undertake a new venture is not a good idea. But a trip to your hometown or a place where you used to live, may be a welcome diversion.
  1. There are ways of managing Mercury retrograde but it helps to know the “element” it occupies. The elements are fire, earth, air and water and each “sign” (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer) is assigned to one of these elements.If you’re still reading and have an interesting astrology, I highly recommend some time with Susan Miller

FYI, the current Mercury retrograde is in Taurus, making its way “backward” to Aries, a fire sign. It started April 9 and continues its course through May 3, 2017.  Hang in there.

The hope for the future, I believe, is exactly that, Keep hope alive. Hope, wish, pray and dream and see or visualize as many beautiful objects of nature as you can. You have to counter with confidence, heightened awareness and positive thinking. Don’t fight Mercury. He’s bigger than you.

Obviously, there are some things you cannot control. Be cautious. Ask a lot of questions. Double check everything for errors and flawed thinking. Prepare to be flexible. Don’t be frustrated by delays and changes. Be aware that the scenario is likely to change without warning.

I signed on a new social media client in February, 2017. I seldom require a contract. In my experience, they don’t work well for freelancers. Just two months later, circa April 13, the client decided he needed to “re-evaluate” goals. Any word with the prefix “re” in it during a retrograde of any planet is a tell and may be a good thing. If rogue Mercury does nothing else, it warns or forces you to slow down and re-asses, re-work, re-group, re-design, re-connect, re-move, re-align, re-do.

For even more comprehensive info on how to handle Mercury, visit Susan Miller’s  site at and specifically, although material is dated (2014)  But some things never (seem to) change.

You are here–somewhere.

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