22 Nov


You were so sure about this election, right? So was I. Now the people I meet–liberals and conservatives–tell me they are fearful. It’s a little too late for that. Time to get to work so this won’t happen again.

I handle social media for other people so I don’t have a lot of time to log on to my own feeds and timelines. Occasionally, I post @thinknicetwice on #Twitter where I try to promote civil and random acts of kindness and thank those who are trying to make things better. Something as simple as “Thanks for voting” or “What can we do about our archaic system?” or “How do we change or eliminate the Electoral College?

But here’s the thing: the recent election has spawned a river of hate that is becoming an alarming sea of loathsome hostility. Are we going to accept this malicious disease and do nothing?

A sample of what I call passive activism:

Actress/comedian Sarah Silverman requested in a recent tweet, “Call 202-255-5074 and say “I’m (name) and I am calling for a bi-partisan review of Trump’s financials and conflicts of interest. Good day!”

Then hang up. That’s it.  You probably feel that you should do something but as Hamlet expressed regarding the gnawing choices he faced, “Thus conscience doth make cowards of us all.”  Don’t be a coward. Be like Sarah.

If you consider yourself a decent, reasonable person who wants to voice a civilized opinion without being hateful (I didn’t say you couldn’t swear; just don’t be mean), say it on the social media platform of your choice.

I respectfully ask that you not follow @thinknicetwice just to build your followers’ list. I’m looking for basically good people who want to be and stay informed, and get involved!


I’m not seeing much in the way of civility these days. I know you feel me, no matter who you voted for. It’s been like this for a while, but it didn’t hit me hard until November 8, 2016 when my oh-so-confident-claire-voyant-self realized I was dead wrong. Trump was going to get that damned electoral vote!

My apologies for the quality of this graphic. Please visit www.statistic to get a non-blurry view. Only the first four lines are significant at this point. He got 306 electoral votes; she got 232. Rounded out and up, she got 64-million popular votes; he got 62-million. In other words, the PEOPLE voted for her. But the SYSTEM gave him the vote. More on how the electoral college works in another post. I have to figure it out myself first.

This, after I laughed derisively at his lies, his perverse persona, his hair, his surrogates and disgusting choices of potential cabinet members. This, after I too felt he might just have a shot, and encouraged collective thinking to ward off the possibility. This, after all the assurances I gave to friends and family and YOU, my loyal subscribers, that he would never even get close. This, after I asked everyone I knew and could reach, to please vote. I failed you.


Most Widely-RED
Most Widely-RED


I am so, so very sorry. My normally spot-on functioning intuition somehow went awry on this one. I guess I felt that someone of Donald Trump’s character was not what a majority of our country really wanted as the leader of the free world. I had hoped we would handle that by voting responsibly. Part of the problem is that too many of you did not vote at all. To those who did, thank you.

When Trump insisted the election would be rigged, was it the first time he told the truth? Did he know something we didn’t–perhaps that the election would lean in his favor? He seems to be an insecure bully with a Napoleonic complex and a brain that can only process “numbers.”  Everything is rated by numbers, including women, of course. He also seems to have  multiple personalities. I’m not a psychologist but I play one at home as a mom and grandmom. This guy is not very bright but he is shrewd, and a very sneaky double talker, programmed to confuse you with unfinished sentences and intimidating facial expressions that he probably practices in front of a mirror every day. He is dumb like a fox. Just saying.


Please don’t start with the  “Give Trump a chance” crap. First of all, he is still ONLY President-elect. Anything can happen between now and January 20. I am not offering any examples.Use your imagination.  I choose not to incriminate myself with un-civil thoughts.

Second, if indeed he makes it into the White House, we have little  choice but to “give him a chance” UNTIL HE SCREWS UP. In the interim,  activists are organizing to keep us all aware of what can be done with YOUR input. It’s not too late. But if you’re not outraged, then you’re not paying attention. Read and stay informed. I know what he promised  and there are many who listened and bought in. They voted for him and they are probably going to be very disappointed. Things are not going to move fast enough. But by the time it hits them, it may be too late.

Former Breitbart guru, Steve Bannon
Former Breitbart guru, Steve Bannon

In my humble opinion, Trump has already started his own game of “thornes” by naming Steve Bannon as his chief strategist. Bannon may not even be able to pass the background check for that post considering his affiliation with American white nationalists. Oh, and he was also charged with choking his wife.

You can read more at  where I found this excerpt:

Bannon also once described himself as a “Leninist” who wanted to “destroy the state… bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment” in order to reach tea party populist goals.


Normally I just ask you nicely to comment when you subscribe. But this time, I am begging for your commentary. Are you really gonna sit on this?  Are you saying ” it is what it is?” Have you been paying attention to the racists, bigots and haters that Trump is appointing to his cabinet? I don’t think people realize we’re are firmly in place for a revolution. I don’t think today’s millennials or anyone who didn’t live through the 50s and 60s has a clue as to what we might expect.

What happened then, is being repeated. Those were the seeds that sowed  “this.” But it’s not too late to get involved.

Click here for more info on the Women’s March on DC the day after the inauguration. Men are absolutely invited and encouraged to join in.

Please stop complaining, whining, sighing, shaking your head in despair, and leaving the hard work to concerned citizens. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you may not be a citizen for very long. I’m not trying to scare you. Trump already did that. I’m trying to smack you into reality. Get informed. Stop reading garbage and get factual information by verifying it in at least three different, reputable and competing sources. Find out as much as you can before 2020. You are actually more resourceful, smarter and more motivated than your leader-elect. Show him your version of “Make America Great Again.”  It’s already great.  Let’s Make America Even Better.  And as a wise man from the South once told me, “If the s%#t don’t stink, don’t stir it.”

BTW, FU! stands for “Follow Up!”

Peace IN!

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